Fujifilm instax SQUARE SQ6 pearlwhite (16581393)

  • Automatic exposure compensation function activated when the shutter-release button is pressed
  • detects the ambient brightness and sets the optimum shutter speed and flash intensity
  • Versatile shooting modes to cope with any situation:
  • Selfie mode: the settings are set to the optimum focus and brightness; a self-timer mirror on the side of the lens can be used to check the shooting area
  • Double exposure mode allows two photos to be superimposed on one film when the shutter-release button is pressed twice
  • Macro mode can take close-ups up to a minimum of 30 cm
  • Landscape mode can be used for long-range landscape shots
  • Self-timer function allows group photos
  • Flash off: Turning the flash off and taking pictures with natural light
  • Tripod holes in the bottom of the main unit and a timer can also be used for group photos
  • three flash color filters (orange/purple/green) that change the color of the entire photo for a more unique and structured photo
  • The square photo format allows you to add more background and atmosphere to photos with a larger image area than a card-sized instax mini-film and delivers memorable photos with an aspect ratio of "1:1"

Πληρωμή σε μηνιαίδες δόσεις

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Εφάπαξ πληρωμή 109,80 € 109,80 €
3 38,25 € 114,74 €
6 19,49 € 116,94 €

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